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Sat 8 Sep
Eun-Me Ahn
Eun-Me Ahn Company - South Korea

Let me change your name

The choreography of the South Korean artist Eun-Me Ahn is a mixture of tradition and modernity and for her first appearance in Italy she is staging her piece Let me change your name, a highly acclaimed work dealing with gender identity through powerful, unrelenting choreography.  In eighty minutes of rare coherence, the performance displays delight and contrast, obsessions and rites with the dancers passing from darkness into light, from black to fluorescent colours, from solemnity to humour, from excitement to shamanic ritual.


Choreography Eun-Me Ahn
Artistic direction Eun-Me Ahn
Music Young-Gyu Jang
Costumes Eun-Me Ahn
Scenography Eun-Me Ahn
Light design Andre Schulz
Dancers Eun-Me Ahn, Jihye Ha, Youngmin Jung, Hyekyoung Kim, Jeeyun Kim, Hyunwoo Nam / Seunghae Kim, Sihan Park / Donghun Go
Produced by Eun-Me Ahn Company
Duration 80'

Let me change your name

A > 22,00 €
B > 20,00 €

Oriente Occidente Emozioni
A > 15,00 € 
B > 14,00 €
B under26 > 5 €